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Original Equipment Manufacturer

When repair is the cheapest way to fix your cheap auto glass, replacement for windshield can be a burden to someone’s pocket. Usually, the owner of the car would want a replacement for their windshield by something that is similar from the original one. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. Most often, people mistakenly identify this type of replacement as having their windshield replaced by the same glass from the same manufacture.

This isn’t entirely true.  OEM is a type of replacement wherein the windshield used for replacement is made up of the same materials from the original one but this windshield doesn’t come from the same glass manufacturing company. The specification is exactly the same as based from the original windshield but the materials used were outsourced from a different auto glass company. Rest assured that when an OEM replacement is used, the protection it offers is exactly similar from the original built unlike using aftermarket replacement where at times it doesn’t perfectly fit that may cause leak, poor sound insulation and optical distortion. This is the very reason why despite the price the customer has to pay for getting the same materials, they would opt still for a replacement that is no less than the original. 


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