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Training For Billing Career
The first step in becoming a doctor is getting a medical education. To get a medical education, of course you will have to enroll in a medical school and undergo various trainings.

In your first and second year in medical billing schools, you will have to take up anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology and pharmacology. The medical training that you will have to undergo will be a mixture of classroom and laboratory time. You will also be trained on how to interview and examine patients.

In your third and fourth year in medical school, you will have to do rounds at hospitals and clinics and assist the resident doctors in surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine and psychiatry.

Your medical billing training does not stop in your four years in medical school; you will have to offer voluntary works to indigent populations. You need to be in contact with as much patients as possible. You will have to enroll in patient handling courses and do longer clinical rounds. 
You can choose on what field in medicine you want to specialize for and you will have to enroll in courses that will train and educate you in that field; for example, you want to specialize in academic medicine or biochemical research, then you should enroll yourself to a school that has strong research courses.

After you have undergone all the trainings in becoming a doctor, you will now have to take the board exam and spend three to seven years as a resident in a teaching hospital. 


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