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Ways in Basement Finishing
It is really expensive to do basement finishing. This is because aside from spending for materials, you also have to hire a contractor. But there is a solution to this problem and the answer is within yourself, ask yourself, do I have the skills in wiring, plumbing, insulation, dry walling and painting? If you answer yes, then you can just do basement finishing on your own.
so know how to finish a basement by following these:
  1. PLAN. You have to carefully think what you want to do to your basement. Are you going to make it as a storage room? DVD room? An office? When you know what you want your basement to become then it will be just so easy for you to decide on the design and the colors that you will put in your basement.
  2. MEASURE. You have to measure the area of your basement: the height of the ceiling, its distance from the floor to the bottom of the floor joists as well as floor to bottom of any ductwork or supports; check the number electrical outlets, switches, light fixtures, wire, plumbing fixtures; determine the plumbing supplies that you will need.
  3. IMPLEMENT. Before you do all the work, you have to clean your basement first. Take out everything that is in there. After doing this, you can now start your work: Moisture proofing walls and floors, Installing subfloor, lay-outing the walls, Framing the walls, rooms and ceiling, roughing in electrical, plumbing, cable, and telecom; You can also start inspecting the electrics and plumbs, installing insulation and vapor barrier, installing drywall, installing flooring, installing trim and baseboards, installing light fixtures and painting the walls.


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