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What is expected in a Security Guard Training Course

As a security guard, it is your duty and responsibility to watch over properties and protect the public’s safety. That is why it is important that you go through training and get the certification needed for this job. However, there are now online training for security guards. They can even get their certification right away. But with this kind of profession, it is important that applicants are able to respond well to the physical demands of this job.
For those who are interested in applying as a security officer, you must have security guard training first. Here are some of the training courses you must have and what you can expect from them:
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction – this will teach students the proper ways in responding to terrorism. This course will teach them the ways on how to look for possible terrorist activities as well as reporting them.
  • Powers to Arrest – this training will cover the complete obligations and responsibilities of a security officer when it comes to arresting suspicious individuals. They will be taught how to cover issues which includes escalation and de-escalation of force. They will also be taught about legal trespass and restraint strategies.
  • Public Relations – students will be taught how to response to discriminatory conduct in the job. They will learn how to identify signs of aggression, psychological illness and drug users.
  • Communication – this training will cover the internal and external processes of communication for security officers. Also the uses of radios and monitors while on duty.
  • Liability and Legal aspects – this will teach them the legal implications when employed as a security officer.
  • Observation and documentation – students are taught methods of report writing as well as observation and patrol. They are taught how to ask appropriate questions and what are the proper actions to be done.
Training is important if you want to be a security officer. This way you can respond to any threats competently.


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