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Guidelines in Buying Memory Foam Mattress
In checking out memory foam mattress reviews, make sure that the foam is of high density to support properly your body.  Check the package for the density of the foam to be sure.  Ideally, 5.3 lbs to 6.2 lbs foam density is considered for good body support.  Remember that the lighter weight foam will not support you and will eventually quit returning to its original shape after a few months.  Look for the memory foam mattress that is temperature sensitive because that is what made the memory foam unique.  If you first lie down, your body weight caused the mattress to melt away and after you settled in, your body temperature begins to affect the foam material causing it to soften in places where there is increased temperature.  Next, read the warranty information thoroughly to see exactly what will be required of you if you will have a warranty issue.  Clarify if you will be responsible for the shipping and packaging.  If the company offers a lifetime warranty on the purchased memory foam, but the manufacturing company started in business for a short while, then probably, the warranty is worthless.  Do not be shy to ask for a comfort test period wherein you must be able to sleep on the memory foam mattress for a short period and see if you have any issues.  High percentage of people loves the memory mattress foam but a few do not.  So it is important to request for a comfort test period in order for you not to waste a huge amount of money for nothing.