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College Essay Topics
A college essay is your ticket in entering college. Every year thousands and thousands of students would send their college essay examples, so it is important for you to have a college essay that will make the admission officer read it all over again- meaning, your college essay must stand out.

In order for you to make your college essay stand out, you must have a topic that will grab the attention of the admission officer. You can start with a famous one liner quote or an interesting fact. You can add some “funny stuff” in your essay but just make sure that the “funny stuff” that you will add is not out of line. Make sure that it will not disrespect anything. Do not just write what the admission officer wants you to write. Add color to it. Make it stand out. Do not be just too serious writing your college essay, enjoy while writing it.

For you to know that you have written an effective college essay try reading it over and over again and if you happen to enjoy while reading it then congratulations, you have indeed written an effective college essay. Have it also read by your family and friends so that they can also make their comments.


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