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Security Guards Schools
Every department store, hospital, school, government agency, bank and every property that most people go to have to have security guards. This is because security guards are the ones who ensure our safety. They protect us from people who cause harm. Having security guards around also intimidate people who have bad intentions.

In order for these security guards to protect us they need to have a security guard license. Security guards who have license assure us that they have undergone rigid security guard  training courses. These trainings include an 8 hour pre-assignment course, 16 hour on-the-job training, operate detecting devices, adjust security systems and equipment, write incident reports both on paper and on the computer, how to deal with different people (they will be around people everyday who have different backgrounds, beliefs and ethnicity), how to send out from the property those people who cause threats.

These trainings are really necessary because these will equip the security guards on how to handle things and how to protect people and properties. No security guard will be allowed to be employed if he has not undergone these trainings. While security guards are already employed, they need to undergo 8 hours refresher course every year to be sure that they have not forgotten what they have learned.


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